Karen Rohn
a BlackBird on the Road

Art, handmade items, photography & local interest.
Located in the WI&M Depot in Potlatch, Idaho.
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Oh, the places I will go

In April of 2018, I repainted the 8 foot high logger head back onto the gym wall at Potlatch High School. So much fun, lots of memories an d the use of a hydrolic lift to hoist me waay up in the air, made this a fun project!

Allison Preisinger Singer/Songwriter                                       Seattle, Washington


Late 2017 I did this t-shirt and sticker design for this talented musician. Discovered her at the first Upstream Music Festival in downtown  Seattle.

Tony Kettle Skate Park Mural           Palouse, Washington

July 2017 saw the final brush strokes go on a mural painted on the outside of the bowl at the Skate Park. It can be viewed from East Whitman Street, behind the Community Center and The Palouse Caboose Bar.

Home of the Loggers Student led Mural                                                                                                               Potlatch, Idaho

In 2016, Karen Rohn worked with the Potlatch After School Art Students to come up with a mural that she, along with Jr and Sr High Students could paint together.   Done in three four foot by eight feet sheets of steel, the image was installed on the back of the baseball dug out in the Potlatch High School Ball Field. IT can be viewed  from Onaway Road. 

BlackBird at the Depot - One of a Kind Treasures                 by Shelle Lensson for GoIdaho online magazine.
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Pullman Police Department Mural

Pullman, Washington

Painted in 2015, this mural is housed in the West Stairwell of Pullman's Police Department.

Potlatch Elementary School                            Potlatch, Idaho
Karen worked with the 4th, 5th and 6th grade schoolers at Potlatch Elementary in 2015 in designing and painting this mural that now resides at the Entrance of Potlatch Elementary.  Acrylic enamel on Steel.

Thanks to the Potlatch Arts Council for providing the funds via a grant through the Coeur d'Alane Indian Tribe, and to Taurean & Izo Ota for posing mural side.


Scenic Six Park Depot                                  Potlatch, Idaho

Painted during the summer of 2012, phase  one, above. Phase two, on the right, was added that same summer. The final installation measured 13 x 30+ feet .