Karen Rohn
a BlackBird on the Road

Art, handmade items, photography & local interest.
Located in the WI&M Depot in Potlatch, Idaho.
Open Wednesdays noon to 4 pm 
Thursdays - Saturdays 9 am to 4 pm.

Buy Idaho!

Your State in Print:
bib: $10
onesie $18
child tee $18
child hoodie $25
adult tee $20
adult crew neck sweatshirt $30
adult hoodie sweatshirt $35

Idaho Decals: sm $2  lg $4
Washington State Decals: large $4
These decals are UV resistant, black ink on white background. 

Price is per piece and does not include shipping. Turnover time pending on inventory availability. Some states are still in the works. Click on button to email me and place your order!