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I like a good extra credit project. As you get older, extra credit means you might get paid! Who doesn't need a little extra cash? Below I will post updates on public art projects, classes I may be teaching, even the occasional article that I may be featured or quoted in. ( No one can uh and um like I can when asked to give an interview.) 

Tony Kettle Skate Park, Palouse, Washington

July 2017 sees me working on an installation to this new skatepark in the small town of Palouse, Washington. Park to be finished possibly in the fall of 2017. Not only will it have a great skate board facility, but a Parisian style walking path, viewing platform and beautiful gardens will adorn the area overlooking the skateboard area. 

Home of the Loggers Student led Mural

In 2016, I worked with the Potlatch After School Art Students to come up with a mural that we could paint  as Junior High and High School students together.  We kept it simple and since it was staying on school grounds, the message reflected this idea. Done in three four foot by eight feet sheets of steel, the end image measured 24 feet long. It took the maintenance guy, the shop teacher and a bunch of boys to install in on the back of one of the baseball dug outs in the High School Ball Field. You can view it from Onaway Road. 

Side note: Potlatch High doesn't offer an art class in the Jr and Sr High levels. As a Potlatch graduate who went onto the University of Idaho and a BFA degree, I do my best to make sure I help at least one kid dip their brush into the creative world of art.  I had Art in High School here. Thank you to my art teacher, Mrs Juanita O'Reilly, for teaching me so much. She turns 100 in May of 2017. 

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BlackBird at the Depot - One of a Kind Treasures                 by Shelle Lensson for GoIdaho online magazine.
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Mural painted for the Pullman, Washington Police Department in 2015. west stairwell location. All the officers and staff were so kind and wonderful to me while I worked on this. I'm sure a visit to the jail there would be considered this side of a vacation.

Potlatch Artist Works With Local Elementary Kids to Create Installation Art

I worked with the 4th, 5th and 6th grade schoolers at Potlatch Elementary in 2015 in designing and painting this mural that now resides on the side of their school. Consisting of two four foot by eight foot pieces of steel, we knocked out this jewel over the spring. Six kids at a time, ususally, filed into the gymnasium, herded to a corner we had set up as a painting station.

Favorite moment: when a sixth grader came in and announced  "I wasn't gonna work on this, but when I came in and saw it I thought 'I GOTTA GIT IN ON THIS ACTION!' I think that kid may be in my will now.

Thanks to the Potlatch Arts Council for providing the funds via a grant through the Coeur d'Alane Indian Tribe. Thank you, also, to Taurean and Izo for modeling beside the piece.


Karen in front of the unfinished Scenic Six Phase I mural. The mural measures 13 feet by 30 feet. Phase II will be installed to the right of this mural, painting begins on Sept 17, 2012. The City of Potlatch will be installing spotlights for night viewing of both murals.